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The Complete Works of Kuo Pao Kun Volume NINE
Life and Work: A Pictorial Record

Edited by Lim Soon Lan and Tan Beng Luan

This is a pictorial book to capture the work and life of Kuo Pao Kun. There are many photographs from the family of Kuo which will appear publicly for the first time ever, as well as documents and letters from the years when he was under detention. First time that our international known artist Kuo Pao Kun's life is being unveiled through many rare photographs and documents.

This book comprises six chapters: Growing Up, A Dream Come True, Transformation, Intensive Cultivation, Partners and Affection. The first four chapters are narrated in chronological order, tracking Kuo's theatrical journey. Chapter five, Partners, is dedicated to those involved in shaping Kuo's work while chapter six focuses on the affection of close friends and loved ones who have comforted him. The final messages that Kuo's life and times had delivered are collated under "The Show Must Go On", for the theatrical experiences he had created, as well as the conditions under which he functioned, are still very much a part of our present reality.

[简体版中英文] 228页 (2012年9月)
ISBN 9789814412810 (平装): S$25 / US$20

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