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第五期 (半年刊) (2002年10月)


副主编 刘燕燕





— 柯思仁

Mr. Kuo Pao Kun, a well known playwright-cum-director in Singapore, passed away on September 10, 2002. Apart from his theatre and arts, Mr. Kuo is remembered by many of his ideals in Multiculturalism. In this issue of Tangent, members mentioned his name for the umpteenth time during discussions for the issue, and the concept of multiculturalism that he raised. He was a prominent thinker and practitioner in Multiculturalism in Singapore. Hence, this issue of Tangent commemorates the demise of Mr. Kuo, an idealist of Multiculturalism.

Unlike the previous issues, all contents in this issue are published in both Chinese and English. This is an effort to reach out beyond the Chinese community, so as to achieve the purpose of encouraging interactions and invite more people be concerned about Multiculturalism.

The Tangent members also held two English dialogue sessions. The first session was held in June with members from the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). In another session, Professor Tommy Koh was invited to hold dialogue with The Tangent members. All the in-depth exchanges and interesting points raised in both sessions enable us to have a deeper understanding of Multiculturalism.

"No one could claim he has had an ideal form of Multiculturalism, but everyone is in search of the Multiculturalism that he so imagines." - Quah Sy Ren

ISSN 0219-4384
第五期 (单本 一期)

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